I realized I wanted to go into 3D animation in Junior High, when my teacher popped in a tape (yes a VCR!) of Luxo Jr., which was one of Pixar's first animations. This was back in the day when few people had heard of Pixar, and they were in Point Richmond, CA., which was only a few miles from my house.

After that, I was inspired to stop paying attention in math classes, and go to Art School. While attending Academy of Art, I did an internship at Elastic Creative, where I ended up working for about 6 years as a 3D Artist/Motion Designer. My next stop was Organic, where I worked as the Senior Motion Designer. In 2009, I went freelance. Since then, I've been working for various ad agencies and local studios, including: Goodby, Silverstein & PartnersVenables, Bell & Partners, Heat, Evil Eye Pictures and Swordfish. If you need some Motion Design, Animation, VFX help, or have a craving for someone cynical or sarcastic around, please feel free to contact me.
Motion Design
Art Direction
Character Setup
3D Animation
Specializing in not specializing

Anthony Enos


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