This was  a unique opportunity. Bot & Dolly / Autofuss brought me in to do the robot animations for the spot. Go ahead and watch the final spot, and see the making of below, if you're feeling nerdy. Credits are below as well.
The animation of the robots was done in Maya using Bot & Dolly's plugin, and baked out to run on the real robots. For most of the shots, I was tasked with animating the robots in the scene in order to frame the graphics that would exist on the discs. There were 4 robots animates in each shot: The two most obvious  ones holding the discs, as well as the robot holding the camera, and the turntable spinning the car.
Here's an early previs of the spot, before most of the graphics were ready for projection and everything was being filmed in the real world.

Client: Audi
Agency: Verba
Production Company: Indiana Pictures, Autofuss, Bot & Dolly
Executive Creative Director: Randall Stowell
Director: Chris Brown
Creative Technologist: Tarik Abdel-Gawad
Design Director: Bradley G. Munkowitz
Roboticist: Asa Hammond
Director of Photography: Joe Picard
Design & Animation: Christopher Bjerre, Ryan Chen, Jason Kerr, Mike Rigley, Anthony Enos
Editor: Ashley Rodholm
Assistant Editor: Ian Colon
Executive Producer: Micah Gendron
Producer: Yovel Schwartz, Alison Plansky, Anastassia Babanskaia
Engineers: Matthew Bitterman, Michael Beardsworth, Ian Sherman
Robot Operators: Matt McDonald, Aron Pruiett, Patrick Walsh
Projectionist: Phil Reyneri
Visual Effects Supervisor: Matt McDonald
VFX Artist: Ben Hawkins
Colorist: Chris Martin
Coordinator: Johnny Carroll
Production Supervisor: Geoffrey Sawyer
Assistant Camera: Dean Snodgrass
Talent: Ryan Waters
Electronic Lighting Designer: Tom Thompson
Gaffer: Frank Strzalkawoski
Key Grip: Dave Childers
Electric: Alyssa Moran, Oscar Ness, Mick Burns
Grip: Robert “Boomer” McCann
Best Boy Electric:Chris ShellenbergerBest 
Boy Grip: Don Hendersen
VTR: Andy Neddermeyer
Touch Up Artist: Jim Edelhauser
Art/Fabrication: Bryan Dewe
Wardrobe/Make-up: Lisa Zomer
Set Design: Sean House
Craft Services: Michelle Kitagawa
Production Assistants: Sean Servis, Dakota Smith, Christopher Scott, Scott Badovick
Sound Recording/Sound Design/Mix: Tom Disher
Music: Sizzer
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