"Pearl" Trailer. If you have a Vive, get it on Steam for the most immersive version! Full film available on Android and iOS via Spotlight Stories App. Also available on YouTube on desktop, though VR headset or mobile is the best viewing experience. Full credits here.
Below is a typical set of notes I would send Tim Coleman (Tim as an awesome Character TD, and having his Character experience was pretty crucial) while we bounced rigs back and forth. Tim and I shared Character Rigging duties along with Jun Nagaoka (who seems to to be able to do anything thrown at him). We used the "Advanced Skeleton" plugin in Maya as the basis for the rigs, and Tim built some scripts to customize it for us. Often, I would create a template for Tim of what we wanted to do, send notes like this in the evening, and by morning he would have it built into the tool. We both got our hands on most of the characters at one point or another in terms of rigs/weighting. Jun Nagoaka pitched in on rigging a bunch as well, whenever he wasn't creating environments and other rigs.
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